White glove delivery service, I-Haul UK


Our white glove delivery service allows us to transport your high value goods all over the country. With £25,000 goods in transit cover and years of experience in dealing with antiques and high value items, there is no safer option for your delivery.

Some of our clients regularly need transportation for high value antique furniture. When transporting something like this, it’s incredibly important that we ensure the item is prepared properly for transit and is then looked after whilst moving. We pride ourselves in taking great care with our customers goods and they are able to leave their goods with us, confident in the knowledge that they will arrive in the same condition they started.

Light haulage and courier service


Our light haulage delivery and courier services are the foundation of our business. Whether you need 1 pallet delivered, or a full vehicle, we can provide the transportation. Wherever you need to go, at whatever time of the day, we’re happy to help.

We pride ourselves on being a 24 hour courier service. We operate before and after the usual hours of 8 till 6 and are happy to make a delivery anytime. Not only are we flexible, but reliable, ensuring that whatever item is given to us to deliver, big or small, is delivered in the same condition that it started. There’s no throwing parcels into the back of a van from us!

HGV logistics and transportation


If your items require more than just light haulage, we have heavy goods vehicles on hand to deliver your items. With CPC qualified drivers and years of experience in transportation and logistics, haulage with our HGVs is quick and easy.

With I-Haul, it’s not about making a journey worth our while, it’s about providing you the service you need. With this in mind, we’re more than happy to provide half load services and back load services with our heavy goods vehicles, so no journey is too much trouble. The I-Haul network of HGV drivers are flexible and reliable and we’re proud of the service they provide.

Waster carrier services, I-Haul UK


I-Haul drivers are registered waste carriers with the Environment Agency, specialising in the movement of hazardous waste. All of our vehicles are suitable for non ADR compliant loads. Scheduled ADR transport can also be arranged upon request.

Carrying waste items can be a difficult business and we’re proud to have all the relevant documentation that allows us to do it. We take this responsibility seriously and ensure that our waste carrying drivers are set up to do so efficiently and responsibly. Our clients can rely on us to ensure that the waste is delivered safely and our drivers are compliant with all the industry regulations.


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White glove delivery

Light haulage & courier

Heavy goods vehicles

Waster carrier services

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